"I believe that awareness is universal, but it's not yet my moment to moment experience."

"Of course it isn't and it never will be. The character in the play doesn't experience the actor. Rather, the actor experiences the character. You don't get to experience awareness. Rather you are an experience of awareness."


The word "word" captures its own essence perfectly. It is an example of itself -- it is a word. It represents all the elements of the class it identifies -- all words.

There is no word or set of words that capture the essence of what is/awareness/being/suchness/reality/void/emptiness/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. The best that can be done with words is to point at the it that isn't even definable enough to be an it.
From the perspective of the organism, all activity is about survival, then about comfort, then about pleasure.

From the perspective of awareness, none of the activity matters at all. It's just things moving around. Nothing really changes.

The organism doesn't need to be ashamed of its desire to survive and what it does in pursuit of survival, comfort, and pleasure. Awareness doesn't look down its nose at the "selfishness" of the organism.

Sometimes awareness uses organism A to help organism B, but not always. Just because an organism is not being used in such a way is not the organism's fault. That A is being used in a helpful way is not to A's credit. It's just what's happening.
A problem serves one of two purposes. Either it gives the ego something to do, a reason for being, a validation. Or it serves as a doorway to seeing through the dual illusion of problem and the ego that has the problem.
Problems are the ego's job security.