Can you find anything, anywhere, at any time, that is separate from your experience of it?


Perceiving is the only evidence of awareness. Only awareness experiences its own perception, so the evidence that awareness is present is only available to awareness itself. There's no one else to receive or see or acknowledge the evidence.
Any belief, at best, can only be incomplete. Usually they're flat out wrong. What is, is as it is, independent of any belief or idea about it.
Agitation can only be an appearance. Underlying essence is peaceful and harmonious.


The word individual means something which cannot be divided. But if we think about what the notion of a person represents, it's a body, it's a mind, it's an identity, it's a collection of relationships. At least mentally, we can divide these components up and examine each of them separately. That's not something that can't be divided. Individuals aren't.

Separate objects aren't, either. If we examine experience closely, it's easy to see that experience never includes objects. It includes sensations, emotions, and thoughts. What we call physical objects are bundles of color, shape, sound, taste, smell, tactile texture, pressure, warmth or coolness, etc. All we experience of the physical world is qualities. Thought parses those sensations into objects. This sound goes with that shape, the other sound goes with the other shape. That smell goes with this one. This feeling goes with that one. And the world appears. The boundaries between objects are arbitrary and culturally defined. Different cultures have different approaches to time, space, relationships, events, and so forth.
Dr. Phil says that choosing a behavior is also choosing the consequences that follow from that behavior.

Choosing to eat lots of dessert is choosing to be fat and unhealthy.

Choosing to burn fossil fuel is choosing to aggravate global warming.

Choosing to take it easy and not exercise is choosing to become flabby and unfit.

Choosing to eat unhealthy food is choosing chronic disease and early death.