Thought can never deliver reality, but it's the only means awareness has of talking to itself.
"There is nothing outside this experience."

A thought.

"There is something outside this experience."

Another thought.

Clearly, if there is anything outside this experience, it cannot be known from inside this experience. If something that was outside this experience enters this experience, it's no longer outside and it becomes known. But there's no way to know whether it existed before entering this experience or whether it came into existence at the point of entering this experience.

All that can be known from within this experience is this experience and its contents -- the awareness which contains and supports it, the forms (thoughts, perceptions, sensations, emotions) that come and go within and as the awareness.

I'm not in a position to say that there is nothing outside this experience, but if there is something beyond this experience, I'm also not in a position to say what it might be. In essence, there's nothing I can say about it.
The dominant cultural paradigm says that awareness depends on the brain, the universe is permanent, and the person or organism (what it claims we are) is temporary. However, most people walking around with this belief system don't seem to take care of the bodies on which they believe their awareness to depend.

The non-dual paradigm says that all appearances, including the brain, the universe, the person, the organism, and everything else, depend on awareness, that awareness (what it claims we are) is permanent, and appearances are temporary.

So, if people really believe that their awareness or consciousness is dependent on the body, why don't they take better care of their body? Why don't they exercise it regularly and feed it healthfully?


No need to buy into drauma (or trauma).
Don't trust mythinformation.