"Abandon false ideas, that is all. There is no need of true ideas. There aren't any." - Nissargadatta


Where is awareness now?
The organism has no choice about obeying its programming.



(the computer screen is awareness)

[Notice: what appears on awareness is not separate from awareness.]
You cannot be unhappy without an unhappy story.
When you're not looking, this blog does not exist.
When you're not looking, this sentence is in Spanish.

Cuando no estas leyendolo, este frase es ingles.
Ego looks to the past for its identity,
to the future for its fulfillment.

Present awareness rests in itself
with no need to pursue either identity or fulfillment.
Life is a mirror
  • a hostile inner state will see hostility
  • a fearful inner state will see threats
  • a peaceful inner state will see tranquility
  • a loving inner state will see beauty
There is no difference between inner and outer. When all is seen as awareness, the distinction falls away.
What is this?
There's no need to struggle to "identify with" the awareness you already are.

Just be aware of what appears -- sensations, thoughts, feelings, stories.
If it doesn't exist when I'm not thinking about it, it can't be real.
The idea of attainment assumes a separate person who can attain something.
Why is it so hard to hold onto?

The idea that it's hard to hold onto is just a thought.

Relaxing into what is in this moment isn't hard at all.

Try it.
The final understanding
is that there is nothing
that needs to be
If you don't mind being unhappy, what happens to the unhappiness?
Wouldn't you like to find out?


Everything that appears in awareness is part of experience. I am the awareness containing, perceiving the experience. Everything is within me. I am everything.