Giving an answer to a poorly worded or misleading question just leads the questioner further astray.


In the Christian story, Jehovah sets things up so that humans are destined to fail and sin. Jehovah then sends himself on a suicide mission to redeem humanity from his own wrath for breaking rules that he himself made up in a situation where he himself placed them. Wouldn't it have been simpler to make a world in which humans could live comfortably and happily and made humans to be satisfied with that comfortable, happy existence?

In the non-dualist story, consciousness hypnotizes itself into believing in a separation between itself and the mind/body/world that results in suffering. Then, seeking to escape the suffering, it either wakes up from this hypnotic trance or goes deeper into it, creating more suffering. Why hypnotize itself in the first place?

Stories about god seem to show that god is an idiot.
Kindness is the coin that operates the cosmic vending machine.


"My experience is what I agree to attend to." William James


Consequences: when reality says, "You started it!"