This form is a echo of the universe. This form is made of the same stuff that all of the universe is, and the same energy that animates the universe also animates this form. The awareness that sees through these eyes, this mechanism, is an aspect of universal awareness. They cannot be separated -- they are not different. The will expressed through this form is an aspect of the universal will expressed through all that is.
Beliefs always make sense from the point of view of the believer.
Boredom is a consequence of ignore-dom.
Heaven is gratitude. Hell is resentment.

Heaven is appreciation. Hell is rejection.

Heaven is acceptance. Hell is ignore-ance.
Befriending and embracing creates Heaven. Rejecting and resisting creates Hell.
The universe gives me everything I want and nothing I don't. If it comes to me, it's because I have asked for it in some way.