Parents have no business raising kids -- starting out, they have neither qualifications nor experience in childhood development.


Are you enlightened?

The "me" that might be enlightened is the same as the "it" in, "It is raining" -- empty of meaning or substance.
This statement consists of meaningless markings. In and of themselves, the marks have no meaning. It's only in thought when the marks are read that meaning is assigned.


"You" cannot surrender. Any entity attempting to do anything simply asserts itself. Surrender is what happens when the entity disappears. The entity is not likely to disappear itself.

Surrender happens, or it doesn't. It's not up to "you".


With no personhood operating at any level, who is there to impress? Who is there to be impressive?
Effectively, a meme is a concept. The basic ones you use navigate your reality are propagated to you mostly by your parents. And they're all we have. Everything represented in your brain is a concept, or a meme.