Satisfaction will never be found in a concept.
Everything perceived is a concept.
Satisfaction will never be found in what is perceived.
Satisfaction is immediately and always and only available in presence, in recognizing oneself as the moment by moment process of perceiving.
Survival never depends on a personal "I".
Surrender to God in hopes of salvation is not love, but a business
"True love of God means surrender to Him, wanting nothing - not even
- Ramesh Balsekar
If it changes, it's not permanent.
Only movement, or change, is perceptible.
So whatever is perceived must be impermanent.
No I
No me
No my
No self to preserve
No one to deserve
No need for perfection
Or even protection
No one is deluded.
Awareness is not diluted.
As concepts are to the human mind, the physical realm is to awareness.
Can a doer surrender?


Desire is the only reason for doing anything.

Why get out of bed in the morning? Because I want to.

Why eat breakfast? Because I want to.

Why work on losing weight? For health? For appearance? Why do I want
those things? Because I do.

Why be nice to the person in front of me? So they'll think I'm nice?
Why do I want that? Long or short, it comes down to because I want to.

It's the monkey mind that wants to be entertained.
Don't worry about "enlightenment" or "liberation". Whether or not it
happens is not up to you. Rather learn to see clearly so that you can
let go of suffering.
Fantasies about how I would like life to be lead to discontent.
Surrender to what is right now leads to peace.
There are two ways to suffer: believing that I'm a victim, believing
that I'm an oppressor. In the first case, I believe that I'm
suffering treatment I don't deserve and someone or something is to
blame. In the second case, I believe that I'm causing undeserved pain
to someone or something else. In the absence of causality, neither of
these can be the case.
Charity seeking a reward is not charity but a business transaction.


Sadness arises with thoughts of loss. Unless there someone with
something to lose, how can there be loss?
Fear and anger arise with thoughts of threat to the ego. Without an
ego, what is there to threaten?


All sensation is information
Life is the art of learning to identify the feelings I like, then learning to cultivate the thoughts that produce those feelings.


What if the universe is a test to see if consciousness can figure out how to escape dependence on physical matter in order to survive ultimate universe heat death?
darn == drat == s**t == oops == f##k == dadgum

All expletives express the same tantrum


That which must be sought cannot be trusted.
That which can be trusted need not be sought.
He lives in hell who demands pleasure from each moment.
He lives in heaven who learns to find the pleasure in each moment.