Everyone wants a happy ending.

No one wants their story to be over.

It seems that some come to the conclusion that a happy ending is not possible for them and, in anger and despair, seek to impose an unhappy ending on others.

Or perhaps it's for no reason at all.


The right way cannot be left.


All there is are stories and the awareness that's entertained by
them. This is a story.


From the perspective of Awareness, there is no such thing as a
person. From the perspective of a person, there is no such thing as

When Awareness encounters an apparent person, Awareness acknowledges the person, accepting the person on his or her own terms.

The apparent person never encounters Awareness, because they can't see it. The apparent person can only see what seems to go on in memory, which is not the place to look for Awareness.

The apparent person and Awareness occur at different logical levels. Speaking of an aware or enlightened person is like talking about a Libertarian or Green pancake.

By the time a choice reaches consciousness, it has already been made.
Everything is true except what I believe.
Consciousness is a rear view mirror.
The external is unknowable. All that is knowable are sense impressions. There's no way to know whether those sense impressions accurately reflect any sort of external reality.
All experience is internal.
Obligation is a concept. No one owes me anything. I owe nothing to anyone else.

Ownership is a concept. I own nothing.

Rights and responsibilities are concepts. No one is entitled to anything or has any rights.

Everthing experienced is a concept.

"I" is a concept.

All there seems to be is awareness, containing concepts, objects in awareness.

"Awareness" is itself a concept.


I can be content with what is right this minute, or I can be
discontent. What other options are there?


"You know, I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't have some
redeeming quality about them. But humanity as a species is very
-- me