"People are hardwired to act 'responsibly' most of the time. I don’t believe in free will and I hardly ever rape and kill"
-- Scott Adams


heaven: the state of having mastered desire (including the desire for heaven).

hell: the state of being mastered by desire (especially the desire to avoid hell).
statustician: one who is concerned with status. Eg.: "Everybody's a statustician." (There is is an earlier reference.)
contrangle: a statement that contradicts itself. Eg.: "I'm not judgemental like some people."
idea stream: the stream of ideas that pass through awareness
What if death is like falling into a black hole?

The subjective experience would be endless because time for the victim slows to a stop. From the external perspective, the victim disappears and is gone.

Update (2007.0110): If one is accustomed to contentment and satisfaction, this kind of death would be an endless experience of contentment and satisfaction, i.e., heaven. For the person accustomed to desire and complaint, this sort of death would be an endless experience of desire and complaint, or hell.


A phallus is a phallacy.
It is a commonplace these days to verb nouns.


Every form of refuge has its price.
-- Lying Eyes, the Eagles