wikipudiate: to write an unflattering wikipedia article about someone.


Illegal Privacy

When privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy.


Nothing won! It pressed in on Something until all the Something there was was squeezed into a particle so small that it wasn't there anymore. But then the particle exploded, Something escaped, and it started all over again.


If I'm talking about it, I don't understand. Once understanding arrives, talking is done.
Everything is composite -- everything is made up of other things. Nothing has an essence in and of itself, independent of everything else, on its own.
Today's gratituities:

  • healthy, yummy food
  • I can run
  • time with the ones I love
  • the cooling weather
  • a reliable vehicle
  • a comfortable home


The only hell I know of, is that which I impose on myself. The only
heaven I know of, is that which I allow to the people around me.